The Collapse

from by Skyline Heartbeat



Song: This is another one that was for another band that I was in. I originally wrote it about the end of the world whenever I was 19 years old. (weird I know). But it fit perfectly into this. It's about the collapse of a dream, like in the movie Inception. The same goes here. I really wanted to capture that.

Recording: The latter of the songs on the EP to be recorded we threw everything at it from an 8 piece choir to a full orchestra and decided in the end to strip it down and make it simplistic. There's beauty in simplicity.


let it go scream until your lungs collapse i'll be here with you all the while breathe let your heart strangle me, tight into your arms till i let go passion flow blood running through my veins i've spent this whole night all alone sleep dream so patiently rain coming down like the end of the world it's the end of the world.
take my hand just where do you want to go we’re both running out of time waking up isn’t something I want to do but it’s the only way to keep you alive cast this stone i can't even pretend to leave i want to know every single thing that you know i'll lose my mind drawing at the end of time until the bombs stop and the ashes look like snow then we'll know
I've seen everything you've ever wanted. I've cried every sadness you've ever felt. Please bring with you the end of suffering And if we can just pretend The world will never end.
For us now is the way we want it to end in your arms until my heart quits What happens after this could we still change everything or will the questions still unanswered be known Only God knows and prayers be pacified, this tragedy has been seen and foretold Only now you can change everything and if not would it be the way that it’s been shown we'll never know
As silence means more to me than anything, now as if only two hearts beat separate but same your lungs breathe but you're not scared found but still so unaware this formal scam was plagued by our deafening and has been for the rest of us alltaking sense is the most mind boggleing so i hope that these words meet you well but only time will tell


from Prelude to a Dream, released October 20, 2014
Mixed by Braxton Sloan
Engineered by Britton Sloan & Braxton Sloan
Piano/Guitar/Orchestra: Britton Sloan
Arranged: Skyline Heartbeat
Lyrics: Braxton Sloan



all rights reserved


Skyline Heartbeat California, Pennsylvania

pop-punk, classic rock, comic books, storyline, science fiction, fantasy, synth, 80's hair metal, guitar solos, lucid dreaming, psychiatrists, take your medication.

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