Rabbits Love Bears

from by Skyline Heartbeat



Song: This song is about Nea trying to convince everyone outside of his dreams that Mae is real while at the same time pull her away from THEY and hope for a better tomorrow. There's a lot going on with the story in this one.

Recording: The xylophone at the beginning is actually my daughter's Fisher Price piano hooked up through 2 microphones. Britton really wanted that raw sound with it, so we had me walking up to the piano as it was being recording, tapping my foot and sitting down.
Brad Tonini came back and recorded screams at the end, that part was recorded at 3am in his car through a portable Macbook Pro and a makeshift studio.
The "whoa whoa's" were recorded with 4 people and done in our mom's garage but was layered on top of each other to give a huge effect
The recants of lyrics from all of the other songs on the CD at the end are a little homage to Fall Out Boy and what they did with the song What a Catch Donnie.


Who knows what tomorrow may bring only today has the answers to yesterdays memories and i think yes i think that we’ll never know how love works.
I can’t explain how this all ends well it’s just something that i feel you make it hard to believe that you’re real.
I can’t follow but i’d die for you i wish that “They” would only let you go. This is bigger than you and i. can we retract to our former lives? Former lives.
Why does it feel like there’s a bomb in my chest when i’m in love with you oh i can’t explain this situation no one believes me anyway.
Always or never we’re worlds apart i see what you only dream as a reality. i’ll be anything that you want me to be as long as we’ll be.
Why do bombs drop inside my chest when you’re not here with me. Why aren’t you here with me? why do bombs drop?
She speaks for the first time in forever.
Let’s take some time to Sympathize.
Maybe I’ll lose my mind but for now I’ll pass the time.
Miss may you will
Hold on to me


from Prelude to a Dream, released October 20, 2014
Mixed and Engineered: Britton Sloan
Guest Vocal: Brad Tonini
Electronic Dums: Britton Sloan



all rights reserved


Skyline Heartbeat California, Pennsylvania

pop-punk, classic rock, comic books, storyline, science fiction, fantasy, synth, 80's hair metal, guitar solos, lucid dreaming, psychiatrists, take your medication.

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