Miss Mae You

from by Skyline Heartbeat



Song: This song is about Nea's need to know if Mae is real or not. And also about Sandman's obsession with Mae. Nea is begging her to wake up so he can meet her outside of sleep. The "lets count down 1,2,3" lyric seems like it doesn't make sense because you count up, not down. However while dreaming numbers don't make sense in order.

Recording: The drone note at the beginning of the song is actually a ghost note on a bass guitar that's reversed. Our good buddy Brad Tonini who has NEVER sang in front of a crowd in his life leant his voice to scream on this track. Britton chopped up his held out scream in the breakdown after the huge bass drop. There's a 6 part harmony twice in the song during the bridges.


Lost drunk in a damp dark parking lot. I don’t remember where I parked the car it’s not my fault, you made me drink the bottle dry. I had a scrap book filled with memories drank most of the pages away come back home is just a bad joke I wish you’d rather stayed.
My best guess is probably your worst my dear on such a rainy day I’m right I know you’re right I’m Always Wrong.
Miss Mae You Will Hold on hold on hold on to me. just say you will keep me alive wake up wake up wake up wake up my dear.
Can’t touch me till i come home to you yes you know i will you know i will i’ll never leave you don’t ever leave me I’ll never leave you. So let’s count down 1,2,3, and i’ll give you all that’s left of me let’s be realistic i’m better with simplicity.
let’s go right here yes lets go right here my dear is there another way of saying yes oh saying that you’ll need me before i need you.


from Prelude to a Dream, released October 20, 2014
Mixed and Engineered: Britton Sloan.
Assistant Engineer: Isaiah Yohn & Paul Sheppick
Brutal Screams: Brad Tonini
Harmony Vocals: Britton Sloan
Arranged: Skyline Heartbeat, Britton Sloan
Lyrics: Braxton Sloan



all rights reserved


Skyline Heartbeat California, Pennsylvania

pop-punk, classic rock, comic books, storyline, science fiction, fantasy, synth, 80's hair metal, guitar solos, lucid dreaming, psychiatrists, take your medication.

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