Backseat Dreams

from by Skyline Heartbeat

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Song: This song happens before any lucidity, before any of the spacey, crazy stuff goes on. This song is just about getting drunk and having fun with your friends. It was actually written for another band I was in "Half Past Yesterday" and sat on the back burner until I realized it fit perfect for what I was trying to do with this band. It happens before Nea's girlfriend Mira dies in a car crash.

Recording: The sounds that you hear in the beginning are from a restaurant in Cal PA called Spuds at around 2am. Rishi Bahl of the pop-punk band The Spacepimps leant his vocals for the middle of the record. The song ended completely differently originally, the acapella harmonies hit you out of nowhere and was Britton's idea while recording.


Lets drink cause there’s nothing left to do at 4 in the afternoon except wait for summer. so fall back asleep and pretend to dream of a time things were better but nothing’s getting better around here.
I can’t wait to just wake up but only if my dreams wake up with me. lets take some time to sympathize and realize i wish i should i could and i wouldn’t leave these backseat dreams and what i believe for anything at all. we’ll pretend that the crimes we commit in time will do us good cause we can’t do much more damage so pick another sin lust suits you well pack up your bags we’re gunna vacation in hell.
You’re just another mistake from when i tripped and fell. prove me wrong don’t hold me back i’ll never kiss and tell. the summer’s fading give me an answer we’re waiting, i’m waiting for anything.
Just drink there’s nothing left to do at 4 in the afternoon so goodbye summer. fall back asleep pretend to dream of a time when things were better.


from Prelude to a Dream, released October 20, 2014
Mixed & Engineered Britton Sloan
Assistant Engineers: Paul Sheppick, Steve Ventura, Isaiah Yohn
Guest Vocals: Rishi Bahl of The Spacepimps, Britton Sloan
Arranged: Skyline Heartbeat, Britton Sloan
Lyrics: Braxton Sloan



all rights reserved


Skyline Heartbeat California, Pennsylvania

pop-punk, classic rock, comic books, storyline, science fiction, fantasy, synth, 80's hair metal, guitar solos, lucid dreaming, psychiatrists, take your medication.

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